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is the exclusive wholsaler of //AUTOSTEM for Washington state.

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//AUTOSTEM was used in the city limits of Spokane WA with great  success.

The city engineers have recommended //AUTOSTEM to  to contractors as a safer and effective way to remove rock with out using high expolsives.

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//AUTOSTEM is new to the United States and is safer and more  efficent product then hydraulic hammering and high explosives.

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Excavator Mounted Drill

We can get you in contact with contractos that can drill and use //Autostem products if needed.

Autostem is Reliable and Safe

Since Extavation Technologies LLC is the exclusive wholsaeler of //AUTOSTEM in Washington State. We keep in constant communication with our  clients and contractors to ensure that the project is completed safely and on time.


The world's only self-stemming, non-detonating power cartridge. Autostem cartridges are highly efficient in fracturing rock and/or concrete and bore hole sizes from  3/8" up to 4". The power cartridge deflagration with a VOD of only 340 m/s compared to high explosives at 5000 m/s 


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